senior PASTOR

Pastor Jerry Lankford has been the Senior Pastor at Evangel Assembly of God since February 2001. Pastor Jerry began his ministry at the age of 21, in 1963 and has been involved in three church plantings and four church building programs.  


Pastor Jerry is known for his encouraging words and uplifting of the power of Jesus in any and everyone’s life. He shares God’s Word with clear and poignant messages that are always current and relevant to today’s issues and situations. His passion is for his church family and he truly cares for each member. He is always the first to say when someone moves away or to a different church: “They may not attend my church, but I’ll always be their pastor.”


Pastor Jerry also has a deep passion for missionaries, serving abroad and here at home. His commitment to support them in prayer and financially, has blessed not only the missionaries and their families, but also our church and our members.


Pastor Jerry married his wife, Mary, in 1960 and they have three sons: Jeff, David & Curtis, and six grandchildren, 3 great grandchildren.